Funeral Party Street Team


Who wants one? In later news…Funeral party show review.

New Taco Bell commercial featuring Funeral Party’s NYC Moves to the Sound of LA.

Funeral Party - New York City Moves to the Sound of LA

This controversial song is brilliant as it implies that the east coast needs to pick it up and the west coast does it better. This video took two days to shoot. Day one was approx. a 14 hour day.

Funeral Party - Finale

One of the singles on ‘Golden Age of Knowhere’ that simply just kicks ass. Don’t you agree? Awesome lyrics about their past and all the party days and stuff like that. Enjoy!

Funeral Party - Just Because

Thought I would put up this song song it has a video which is just awesome! This song kind has a double meaning in a way because two of the band members wrote parts of the song and kind of just put them together. Thought you might like to know. ;D

I know a lot of you loved the MMTDT. I heard so much good stuff about it. I even had someone personally asking ME for lyrics! Anyway, this is “V2” Version 2 I am assuming. Well, it sounds sooooo gorgeous and cleaned up. Makes you anticipate the tour AND their album that much more doesn’t it?!

This sounds like a club or rave going on in the middle of it. I love it! Makes me want to dance. More of an electronic feel to this made really changed the sound, but you still hear Funeral Party in there. Just listen already! Its awesome!

San Francisco’s MIKE RELM is best known for his audio and video mash-ups, in his live concerts and broadcast work”

Good shit right here!

Oh my goodness this sends off all the right kind of vibes! With such playful backup vocals, slowed down, and bass groove going on, this song is definitively something to clap along to. Trust! You won’t be able to help yourself. Beautiful!

Instant classic! I love how people still demand this song at their shows. Its a great song that has been around for ages and although the request at the live shows are denied and/or ignored, this upbeat pop-punk sounding tune will live on!

Newbies & Needed Opinions

I would like to start off by saying thank you to the new followers here on Tumblr. If you are viewing this and do not have a Tumblr account I would still like to thank you for viewing this. Hopefully you all become regulars and share, re-blog, or help spread the word in one way or another about the Funeral Party Street Team. But yeah..thanks a lot guys and gals!

Moving on. I need an honest opinion from everyone reading this. I am thinking of teaming up with an online company to make Funeral Party Street Team t-shirts. Here is where you come in and I need honest answers. If I make shirts would you be interested in purchasing one?

I will need to spread the word more about Funeral Party and the Funeral Party Street Team to do this. I will also need your help. I want to sell these shirts and make them as affordable as possible to you. 100% of the profits will go to expanding the Funeral Party Street Team. I want to eventually make ‘Funeral Party Street Team kits' that include things like stickers and flyers (etc.), but I am honestly too broke to do this on my own. Hence the shirt sales..but yeah, then we can REALLY be a “Funeral Party Street Team" together.

The reason why I decided to go with this particular website is because they have great options for me as a seller and for you as a consumer. Compared to other sites I have looked into for graphic tees, this one makes it affordable for you, and they even let me create coupon codes to make the shirts cheaper if I want. Also, its easier and less of a hassle for me as a seller, but I don’t need to go into that. Anyway, the reason why I want to know if you will buy any is because I have to put an application into the site to sell with them, but I don’t want to try to take such a huge step not knowing if anyone with even buy any shirts.

Please get back to me with your opinions. If you don’t have a way to reply here on Tumblr please send an email to and tell me your opinion. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am about to cry because I have been in search of this specific song for quite sometime. The first time I heard it was on Pandorda. I was not expecting this alternate version. When I heard it I felt so pumped and just loved the difference. Really recommend this version! So excited more people will know what I am talking about now that this song is up because I would always talk about how different and awesome this version is. Loved Chad’s little, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Okay!” and the guitar and drums…OMG just plain genius!

This is ‘Postcards of Persuasion’ and this will always be one of my favorites because this was one of their first songs I heard years back when I discovered them on Myspace! So glad I did. 

When You

Just when I think I have found a favorite track that Funeral Party has leaked on their SoundCloud they release this beautiful soft melody. I would love to hear this in the backgrounds on repeat while on a date on a hill watching clouds go by then eventually looking at the stars! Long and personal description but its just a peaceful song that made me imagine myself in a magical and wonderful place.


Deciding to go ‘unplugged’ for ‘Relics to Ruins’ was a very good choice. Lovely piano and acoustic guitar play as Chad sweetly sings this beautiful song. A very intimate track is very soulful.